Baby Yoda Disney Letterman Jacket



Baby Yoda Disney Letterman Jacket


Baby Yoda Disney Letterman Jacket
Baby Yoda Disney Letterman Jacket

“I know you want to be like me, but it’s not all that glamorous,” I tell my baby. “You’re really just a slave.”

He doesn’t say anything back, but he has this face like he understands every word I’m saying. He isn’t even two yet and he already knows what the Jedi drags him through on a daily basis. Sometimes I think he can see right through me, or maybe it’s just because of his large green eyes. His name is Yoda for crying out loud!

It used to be so much easier being a hero. Back when I was trying to save the galaxy from Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader – those were good times! Nowadays everyone wants

I am a Yoda, an astute Jedi. Recently I wanted to purchase a Disney Letterman jacket, but did not have the money available. So I looked at my options and realized that if I did some work on behalf of the company then they would give me the product for free! Here is what happened:

1) The company paid for everything – airfare, room and board, food etc. It was all covered by them which made it easy to do this job without having to worry about anything else other than showing up every day like clockwork.

2) My first task was to find out if there were any potential employees who would be interested in joining their team (and by doing so gain access to

Luke Skywalker was in his house when he saw that the time had changed to 6:30pm, which meant it was time for him to get ready for bed. As he was getting into bed, he realized that there were no lights on downstairs and thought “Huh? I’m sure my parents are still up.” He went downstairs to find out what they were doing. When Luke got downstairs, he found his parents watching TV with a Yoda Disney Letterman Jacket on!

Baby Yoda Disney Letterman Jacket

Baby Yoda Disney Letterman Jacket
Baby Yoda Disney Letterman Jacket

“You want this jacket?” The old man at the stand asks, holding up a worn and dirty blue coat. “It’s only $4.” I look at it for a minute before shaking my head and walking away. “No thanks,” I say before heading off to continue my search for winter clothing in Manhattan

Yoda was the wisest of all Jedi, and as such he needed to be prepared for anything. He had his lightsaber, a comfy chair with an ottoman for reading books and meditating, and finally his trusty jacket made by Disney Letterman.

“Curse you, Mickey Mouse!” The little green creature howled as he ran his hand through his hair. “I’ll get my revenge on the day I make my return.” He uttered under his breath as he paced back and forth in his empty room. His eyes scanned the building until they paused on a tall tower to its left; it was where all of their secrets were stored and protected by security measures that not even someone with mind powers could break into. With a smirk forming across his face, Yoda made up his mind: tonight would be the night that Disney’s empire came crumbling down.

My jacket is so much better than theirs! I’m not just talking about the quality, but also the design. It’s like it was made for me.

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