Captain Morgan Christmas Christmas Sweater



Captain Morgan Christmas Christmas Sweater


Captain Morgan Christmas Sweater
Captain Morgan Christmas Sweater

Captain Morgan was sitting in his office on Christmas Eve. He had just opened all the gifts he bought for himself and now he felt very sorry for himself. “I can’t believe I’m spending Christmas alone.” He said out loud to no one. The only thing left to do was drink a whole bottle of rum before going to bed, which he did.
Slowly but surely, Captain Morgan started feeling better after drinking the whole bottle of rum and decided that there must be something wrong with him- maybe it’s an allergy? So, he checked into a hospital near Seattle where they took care of what seemed like his allergy problem- booze!

I was browsing the internet and found this amazing Captain Morgan Christmas Sweater. It’s perfect for all of your holiday parties and so festive! I’m going to buy it right now because it comes in my size!

“Captain Morgan Christmas sweater, coming in!” I shouted. I was on my way to the best Christmas party of the year; it was going to be amazing! The only thing that could make this night better is if there were some delicious drinks at the bar.
I walked into the room and caught sight of everyone’s favorite pirate captain, with a red nose and white beard trimming his jolly features. “Hello friends,” he said gleefully, “Merry Christmas.”

Captain Morgan Christmas Christmas Sweater

Captain Morgan Christmas Sweater
Captain Morgan Christmas Sweater

“Honey, I got you this Captain Morgan Christmas sweater!” said my wife excitedly. “Woah! Awesome! Let me see it,” I replied with delight. The moment she pulled the ugly green sweater out of her purse, I wanted to start crying. “You know how much I love Captain Morgan?” She asks in a tone that’s supposed to sound hopeful but manages to translate into ‘you’re not going to make me eat all the leftovers are you?’

Captain Morgan was getting ready for Christmas. His office was decorated with strings of lights and tinsel. There were little elves on the desk, making toys out of wood shavings. Captain Morgan had just finished wrapping his presents when he heard a knock at the door. He opened it up to find an elf standing there in red clothes with green trimming and a big smile on her face. “Hi Captain!” she said cheerfully, “I’m your Elf! I am here to help you get ready for Christmas.” The elf started pulling things out of his pockets; strings of lights twinkling all over the room, some candy canes that they put around the tree, pinecones that they placed everywhere but then suddenly they

Zachary was a very proud captain. He wore his sailor jacket and hat to work every day, while he guided the ships through the water like a true captain should.
One day it came time for him to leave on one of his last voyages before retirement, so he walked into his dresser and reached up for one of his favorite sweaters that had been sitting there untouched since this summer. It was hand knit by Zachary’s wife as an anniversary present, and she even wrote her name on the front as well as put some sparkles around where her name would be on the back if it weren’t printed on the left side. She knew how much this sweater meant to Zachary so she wanted him to have something

“Captain Morgan Christmas Christmas Sweater ®” he muttered to himself as he pulled out his credit card from the back of his wallet. In a few minutes, this would all be over and he could go home and enjoy the festivities. “I’m going to have a merry christmas sweater.”

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