Duck Honkin Around Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater



Duck Honkin Around Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater


Duck Honkin Around Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater
Duck Honkin Around Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

You opened your closet to find a hideous Christmas sweater. The moment you saw it, you knew that this was the perfect gift for your boss. You went out and bought her one as well as an ugly wreath for her front door. She loved them!

It was Christmas Eve. The day before, everyone gathered to take a family photo in their new ugly sweaters, but the photographer never showed up.

So now it’s Christmas morning and they’re all sad because they wanted very much for this to be the best family picture ever!

Then out of nowhere, someone knocks at the door with a box under his arm. He says he’s there to deliver their package from Amazon Prime that was supposed to come last week but got lost in UPS’s system – just when they needed it most!

A cute, fluffy duck was walking down the street when he saw a small girl wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. He then walked up to her and quacked really loudly. The girl ran away screaming while the adult that had been accompanying her scolded the duck for making such noise in front of children.

Duck Honkin Around Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater

Duck Honkin Around Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater
Duck Honkin Around Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

As I walked into the store, I looked around for duck-themed ugly Christmas sweaters. Sure enough, they had a small section of them left on the rack! They were all drab colors though and there was not one that had any ducks on it. Just then my phone rang and when I answered, it was my friend asking me if I had seen anything yet. “No,” I said sadly to him before hanging up so he could go find something himself while the mall wasn’t crowded with people looking for last minute gifts. As soon as he hung up on me, two guys ran in after being chased by security shouting about someone stealing their car’s tires. The three of us started talking about what we wanted to do for

We all know the Duck Honkin’ Around Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater. It’s a family tradition to put one on and watch The Elf during Christmastime. This year, however, we’re going to do something different: we’re going to use it as part of our decoration.

The tree was decorated and the house smelled like Christmas cookies. It didn’t matter though, because there were no presents. No one had come to visit either, not even a single person. Just bad memories of Christmases past that made this time of year so unpleasant for me. I just wanted to get through it and then drink until New Year’s Eve passed by in a blur too. I sighed heavily as I sat on my couch with tears welling up in my eyes before they spilled over onto my cheeks and dripped down onto my ugly Christmas sweater someone gave me last year but never got around to wearing again this year because who would see it anyway?

I looked at the clock on top of the mantle…there was

It was a cold December morning. The snow drifts were high and the water spread out to keep people from slipping through. In their house, there weren’t any socks left for Christmas so they had to wear mismatched shoes instead of slippers. The family’s last hope was an ugly Christmas sweater from Walmart that Dad had been eyeing for days in anticipation of Christmas Eve when he would finally get his present…

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