Far Cry Hawaiian Shirt



Far Cry Hawaiian Shirt


Far Cry Hawaiian Shirt
Far Cry Hawaiian Shirt

I had just finished another long day at work and was looking forward to getting home. My coworkers laughed as I walked out of the door, pulling my tie loose and unbuttoning the top two buttons on my shirt. It was so hot outside that all I wanted to do is take a shower, open up an ice cold beer, turn on some tunes and relax for the evening.

I made sure not to look at anything too closely as I drove home– it seemed like every person who passed me by was wearing something that would annoy me or make me feel bad about myself. They were driving expensive cars or they were in great shape with their recently tanned skin; whereas I drove an old beat-up car (which only

I was at the mall with my family, shopping for new clothes. It’s not often that I get clothes from here because it’s a little expensive and they never have my size. But I decided to stop in one store just to see what they had available. That particular store is usually more of a “girly” type of clothing but they carried men’s sizes too so I scrolled through their offerings looking for anything that caught my eye. When I got to the T-shirts, there was this bright red shirt with some Hawaiian designs on it and a slingback sandal which looked like something out of an old movie or TV show about Hawaii. The background music sounded really nice and relaxing too, which made me want to

The Hawaiian shirt is a staple of any man’s wardrobe. It is most often worn on Fridays, but also makes appearances during summer months and at the most festive of occasions.
In fact, when you’re in desperate need for a festive occasion to wear your Hawaiian shirt, all you have to do is put on some tacky party music and add a few blinky lights- voila!

Far Cry Hawaiian Shirt

Far Cry Hawaiian Shirt
Far Cry Hawaiian Shirt

A soft, floral scent mixed with the salty air as I walked into the store. The shelves were lined with brightly colored shirts and dresses that differed in patterns and designs. It was a beautiful place but not as great as it could be without one important element: customers. There wasn’t one person walking through those doors for what felt like minutes, so I decided to go inside myself and find something to wear.

I meandered up and down the aisles until I found a shirt that caught my eye- it had an open back design unlike any other Hawaiian shirt I had seen before. As soon as my hands touched the soft fabric, there was this strange pull inside of me telling me to buy the product right then and

The day I bought the Hawaiian shirt was a cold one. The weather’s been turning more and more for fall, but I had to get it anyway. It had been on my mind for weeks now, ever since Ross from work told me about how he loved wearing his on Fridays. Ever since then all I’ve wanted to do is wear mine too. He said that people would be excited to see me in it because they’d know that we were “pals.”

Normally when we go into town we’re usually by ourselves or with some friends who don’t really care what we’re wearing (I’m not sure why they hang out with us), but today there was someone new: Stephanie Johnson, the girl from high school who

The Hawaiian shirt I was wearing today was just so typical of what I wear. Plain, boring, and not many people notice me in it. It’s always the same thing, life is really mundane for me. My days are just spent at work all day until I come home to eat dinner and go to bed early with no excitement whatsoever. I’m not very happy with my life…

I’m at the airport, waiting for my flight to boarding. The only thing I can think about is tropical beaches and palm trees. There’s this guy with a Hawaiian shirt that’s making me all thirsty. Suddenly he offers me one of his drinks; it was perfect!

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