NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater



NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater


NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater
NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater

It was Christmas Eve and I had no idea what present to buy my dad. My little brother, Fred, told me that he wanted a Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater for his birthday. “What the hell are you talking about?” I asked him. He said that they were all the rage on TV, but when I looked it up online, there were very few left in stock or in department stores near me. The only one available was $60 at the NFL Shop so I needed to act fast if it was going to arrive by Christmas morning! Luckily for me, Walmart had them in stock and shipped free! It arrived just before bedtime so now all we have to do is wait until tomorrow morning before opening presents together

When the Rams held their first game of the season, they did not win. The next game had even less hope for victory; after all, it was Halloween. I wanted to cheer up my favorite team so badly that I resorted to getting an ugly Christmas sweater like theirs.
The next week when the Rams played again I wore my new sweater and celebrated with them as they finally won a game!

I was walking around the mall when I saw an ugly Christmas sweater for sale. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it would be perfect for me. It was so hideous and tacky looking, but that’s what made it so great. I knew my friends would love this thing just because of how ridiculous it looked!

NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater

NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater
NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater

“It’s an ugly Christmas sweater party and I’ve got the perfect gift for you!” my friend told me. “This is so cool! Who would have thought to make a Rams Ugly Sweater?”

I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for this occasion, but then again who cares? It matches the motif of the event. My blue themed ugly sweater features white snowflakes that are sprinkled across the body of the garment in different shapes and sizes. The sleeves also feature snowflakes with wider spaces between them than on top. There is even some glitter sprinkled around like they created confetti thanks to their success in three straight NFC West Championships (2001-2003).

Bradley was excited for Christmas this year. He got the greatest football player in the world’s ugly sweater, and that meant he must be extra lucky! His mom had given him an old family recipe for his favorite chocolate chip cookies to put on Santa’s plate too. Bradley couldn’t wait to surprise his dad with them when he came home later.

The doorbell rang, and it seemed like it would never stop ringing as Bradley ran down the hall wondering who could possibly be there at such a late hour. He opened the door, but no one was there! Thinking back on what he had wished for earlier made Brad shake from excitement as a package lay on his porch wrapped in gold paper covered with little red bows and mistle

Jared is watching the game with his friends, but he’s not paying attention to what’s on TV. They’re playing football, and Jared can’t concentrate because he has a project due tomorrow. He knows that if he doesn’t finish it tonight, then there’s no chance of him passing this class. “Do you guys mind if I do my homework for a little bit?” Jared asks without taking his eyes off of the computer screen.

“No problem,” they reply in unison as they continue to cheer at the football game before them.

I was shopping for a Christmas present for my best friend and I found a very ugly sweater. Honestly, it made me want to vomit. It had two reindeer with really big antlers that were wearing sunglasses and holding beach balls. There was also a Santa Claus in the middle of the sweater wearing sunglasses as well as some other characters including an elf who looked like he worked at Walmart because his beard was so long and bushy. He also had on a hat that said “Santa’s Helper.” The funniest part about this ugly sweater is when you got inside there were small icons of people who work at NFL teams whose names included Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, etc… All I could think about while looking

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