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emissions. The melting of Arctic sea ice is another example of a positive climate feedback. As temperatures rise, sea ice retreats. The loss of ice exposes the underlying sea surface, which is darker and absorbs more sunlight than ice, increasing the total amount of warming. Water vapor appears to cause the most important positive feedback. As Earth warms, the rate of evaporation and the ability of air to hold water vapor both rise, increasing the amount of water vapor in the air. Because water vapor is a greenhouse gas, this leads to further warming. Climate feedbacks amplify or reduce direct warming and cooling effects. They do not change the planet’s temperature directly. The hottest product astronaut space all over printed slippersFeedbacks that amplify changes are called positive feedbacks. Feedbacks that counteract changes are called negative feedbacks. Feedbacks are associated with changes in surface reflectivity, clouds, water vapor, and the carbon cycle. Let’s say that you put a cup of cold water in one room and a cup of hot water in another room. Both rooms are at the same room-temperature. Why does the cold water get warmer and the hot water get cooler?In both cases, energy will move from an area of higher temperature to an area of lower temperature. So, the energy from room-temperature air will move into the cold water, which warms the water. And the energy from the hot water will move into the cooler air, which cools the water. Put your finger in room-temperature water and another finger in the air. Do the water and the air feel like they are the same or a different

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