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Resolution sixty six/253 of February12, the UN Secretary-General appointed Kofi Annan as the first joint mediator of the UN and LAS in the same month. Yet, former UN Secretary-General Annan resigned less than six months later because the Assad regime had refused to implement his peace plan, the opposition hoped to make army positive aspects, and he had obtained no tangible help from the UN Security Council for his strategy. In February12, faced with escalating violence in Syria and a Security Council hamstrung by Russian and Chinese vetoes, the UN General Assembly called on the Secretary-General to nominate a special envoy to support the League of Arab States in mediating between regime and opposition to agree on a “Syrian-led political transition to a democratic, pluralistic political system”. Airstrikes by the USA, France and UK in response to the Assad regime’s suspected use of poison gasoline in Duma in April18 did nothing to alter this uncertain strategic orientation. In early September18 newly appointed US Syria envoy James J. Jeffrey announced that the US wouldn’t withdraw its troops any time quickly, however rather take a “extra lively approach” aimed on the exit of all Iranian navy and proxy forces from Syria and a defeat of IS without outlining tips on how to get there. At the same time, the US president threatened stepped-up navy action in case of a use of chemical weapons, the creation

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