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than copper’s, so if you have the same mass of water and copper, it takes 11 times as much energy to raise the temperature of the water by the same number of degrees. Convection is the main way heat flows through liquids and gases. Put a pan of cold, liquid soup on your stove and switch on the heat. The soup in the bottom of the pan, closest to the heat, warms up quickly and becomes less dense than the cold soup above. The warmer soup rises upward and colder soup up above it falls down to take its place. Pretty soon you’ve got a circulation of heat running through the pan, a bit like an invisible heat conveyor, with warming, rising soup and cooling, falling soup. Gradually, the whole pan heats up. Convection is also one of the ways our homes heat up when we turn on the heating. Air warms up The hottest product hippie mandala version all over printed slippersabove the heaters and rises into the air, pushing cold air down from the ceiling. Before long, there’s a circulation going on that gradually warms up the entire room. Three cups of the same size are filled with the same mass of fresh water. One cup is put in a bucket of ice water so the water becomes cold, but does not freeze. One cup is heated so the water becomes hot, but does not boil. One cup is left at room temperature. At the macroscopic level, what someone can see with just their eyes, there appears to be very little difference in the volume of water between the three cups. However, at the molecular level, there is a difference in volume.

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