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begin to fray, pick up a new one or stop by our San Antonio, Texas office and we’ll replace yours. On average, you should be opening a new one every two to three months. In some cases, our team at Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry may recommend that your child wears a protective mouthguard to prevent grinding, or work with a therapist or other specialist to develop awareness of the grinding. If the grinding is caused by stress or anxiety, it may be helpful for you to sit down and talk to your child each day about how she is feeling, and why, to help her work through the stress. Second, the primary settlement stage occurs where the water is left to rest so sludge can fall to the bottom and the clear water can move on to the biological treatment stage in which bacteria, algae and fungi is removed from the water. From there it will go to the final settlement before being released back into the rivers and seas. From those rivers and seas, clean water stations and plants take this water and put it through more cleaning and screening processes before sending it down the pipes as clean, drinkable water. Drains will take all wastewater away from the home; you’ll be able to see these grids and pipes at the back and front of your home. From here, the water will go through a journey of cleaning and filtering to ensure that it’s ready to be sent back down our pipes as drinking water. The treatments are done in stages; first, the screening process happens where foreign objects like rags and debris is removed from the water to prevent any clogging or damage to the pipes and systems further down the line. In London alone, we lose about 300 Olympic swimming pools worth of water, per day, on ageing a damaged water pipe. This alone shows how much of this precious natural resource is being lost unnecessarily, and how important it is that we all take notice of the issues that are gaining daily and begin to reduce our water footprint. Rainwater is clean, fresh and able to use for just about anything when used correctly. A lot of rain is collected by grids, bodies of water and other sources, but a lot of it is also lost, something which you can avoid in your home. By installing a ‘Water Butt’ in your yard, you can collect this rainwater and reuse it for whatever you like. They come in all shapes and sizes and can cost as little as £20. For example, you can purchase a water butt that holds 210L of water for just £30, that’s enough to wash your car five times, water your

i’m a march girl i have 3 sides the quiet and sweet all over printed criss-cross tank top 2

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