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m. If you purchase a low-flow showerhead, you can take it with you when you move or leave it for the next tenant. To measure the flow from your showerhead, catch the water in a bucket with a known volume or measure it by emptying it into an empty gallon milk jug or other container of known volume. Find how much water your family could save with EPA’s on-line Water Saving Calculator and whether your utility offers rebates on WaterSense certified replacements at WaterSense Rebate Finder. Florida’s plumbing code places limits on the amount of water that household fixtures use. EPA WaterSense fixtures use even less water. Over several decades, design changes to toilets, sinks, and showerheads have greatly reduced the amount of water we use in our homes. Clothes washers have also become more efficient. Turn off electronics such as TVs, computers, and stereos when you are not using them. However, after they have been turned off, most of these devices go into “standby mode” and still draw power. TVs, gaming systems and cable boxes are usually the worst offenders, but anything with a remote control has a standby mode and is using some power even when you have turned it off. This type of power consumption is called a phantom load. If you use an automatic dishwasher, try to wait until it is full before you run it. Many newer dishwashers recommend that you only scrape food off of dishes before loading them, so careful rinsing of the dishes is not needed. Finally, if you have the option, turn off a heated drying cycle at the end, and let the dishes air dry instead, unless you have humidity problems. You can leave the door closed until dishes are partially cooled to avoid letting hot steam out into your kitchen. Air dry your clothes. If you want, you can put the laundry in a dryer for a couple of minutes to remove wrinkles and soften towels. Then remove the items and hang them on clothes hangers, folding racks or a shower rod. Indoor air in the winter will benefit from the extra moisture, making it less drying for skin, eyes and sinuses. If you do not have air conditioning, you need to provide ventilation or skip air drying laundry indoors during the summer when humidity levels are high. Consider asking maintenance if you can install a clothesline outside if you have a porch or greenspace next to your unit that could accommodate one. Don’t over-dry. Use a moisture

in the world full of roses be a sunflower autism awareness all over printed shirt 2

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