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of the drive for equality. When the law interferes with people’s pursuit of their own values, they will attempt to find a way round. They will evade the legislation, they will break the regulation, or they may depart the country. Few of us believe in a moral code that justifies forcing folks to surrender a lot of what they produce to finance funds to persons they do not know for functions they may not approve of. When the legislation contradicts what most people regard as moral and correct, they’ll break the legislation—whether the regulation is enacted within the name of a noble perfect similar to equality or in the bare curiosity of 1 group on the expense of one other. Only worry of punishment, not a sense of justice and morality, will lead individuals to obey the law. The drive for equality in Britain failed, not as a  The hottest product leaf marijuanas all over printed hawaiian shirt result of the mistaken measures were adopted, although some little doubt were; not as a result of they were badly administered, although some no doubt have been; not as a result of the wrong people administered them, although little doubt some did. The drive for equality failed for a way more basic reason. It went towards one of the basic instincts of all human beings. In the words of Adam Smith, that condition is “The uniform, constant, and uninterrupted effort of each man to higher his situation”—and, one might add, the

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